First Mortgage Investments

Invest in a secured first mortgage opportunity

A first mortgage investment offers short-term, high-return, low-risk, income-focused investment opportunities. 

A first mortgage investment secured by a stable asset class

Since 2006, CCG has been offering investors a range of income producing first mortgage investments, secured by Australian real estate. First mortgage investments are a relatively low risk investment strategy that can provide investors with a steady stream of income.

We have a team of lending specialists with significant industry experience to ensure a robust loan assessment process which results in only the highest quality loan investment opportunities being offered to our community of Investors.

A diversification strategy for your portfolio

Our mortgage fund allows you to select multiple first mortgage investment opportunities you want to invest in so that you can actively manage your portfolio.

We offer first mortgage investors the opportunity to earn regular income payments from underlying loan investments which align with their investment criteria, whether your investment horizon is as short as six months or longer term, we have the investment for you.

You can download our CCG Investor Guide to find out more about our current investment opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

We ensure you are well informed when entering into the world of First Mortgage Investments.

First mortgage investments are a type of investment where an investor's capital is used to provide a loan to a borrower. The loan is secured by a registered first mortgage over Australian real estate so if the borrower defaults, the investor has access to the Australian real estate security to fund their investment. First mortgage investments typically offer a regular, monthly income stream via the interest payments with competitive returns to investors who seek capital preservation and capital stability.

CCG was established in 2006 and specialises in non-bank lending and mortgage investments throughout Australia. During this period we have written over 390 loans, where the gross loan amount advanced to borrowers is approximately $628.42 M with an average LVR of 59% . Over this time the average return paid to investors has been over 9% p.a. (past performance cannot be relied upon as a reliable indicator of future returns). 

Credit Connect Capital Ltd holds Australian Financial Services License No. 230173 issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Australia's corporate and financial services regulator. Credit Connect Capital Ltd acts as the Trustee of the Credit Connect Select Fund and provides the first mortgage investment opportunities to investors.

A mortgage fund is a managed investment fund in which investors' money is on-lent (as a mortgage loan) to borrowers, where those loans are typically secured by mortgages over Australian real estate. A ‘first’ mortgage fund will only invest capital into investment opportunities secured by first ranking, registered mortgages over Australian real estate and are recognised as the most conservative mortgage funds..

We offer investment into the Credit Connect Select Fund ("the Fund") which is a mortgage investment fund only available to Wholesale and Sophisticated Investors. The Fund is designed to provide investors with the opportunity to select and invest in specific loans of their choice, which fit their risk appetite and investment criteria. The Credit Connect Select Fund is a very conservative mortgage fund, investing only in loans secured by first ranking registered mortgages over Australian real estate.

First mortgage investments are traditionally recognised as relatively safe and secure investment opportunities. For example, where a loan of $650,000 is secured by real estate independently valued at $1,000,000 (a “loan to value”  ratio (LVR) of 65%), in the event of a default by a borrower, the lender is entitled to take necessary steps to recover all monies owed including by way of taking possession and selling the real estate security.

  • Monthly Income - Receive regular monthly income paid to your nominated account at attractive rates of return. Choose from a variety of mortgage investment opportunities to match your investment goals.

  • Security - Your investment is secured by a registered first mortgage over real estate in Australia.

  • Conservative Lending Ratios - Generally, we lend between 60% to 70% of the value of the security property. Independent valuations are carried out by members of approved independent panel valuation firms.

  • Transparency - Know exactly where your funds are being invested and make your investment decisions based on detailed disclosure of each loan opportunity.

  • Control - Select investments which offer your preferred loan type, investment amount, return, term, location and LVR.

The entire investment process is managed online via our dedicated Investor Portal, where you can register, apply and invest from your own selected device, 24/7. Having selected your preferred investment opportunities, you will need to access the Investor Portal to find detailed information and progress your investment. To access the Investor Portal you must register and confirm that you have read our Information Memorandum. Once successfully registered, you will be able to start investing in our First Mortgage Investment opportunities! 

All investments involve risks. It is important that you understand the risks that can affect your investment. Investments may not perform as expected and may not meet an investors objectives resulting in a loss of capital or income.

There are a number of risks associated with investing, including loss of part or all of your capital and failure to receive a return on your investment. Specific risk factors relating to investments into the Fund will be disclosed in the Information Memorandum and applicable Supplementary Information Memorandum and should be considered before investing.

Who can invest?

To be eligible to invest in the Fund, you must be a sophisticated investor and satisfy any of the following criteria:

  • A certificate from a qualified accountant confirming you satisfy such requirements. In determining whether you satisfy the net asset or gross income test you can take into account the assets and income of companies and trusts which you control.
  • You are a company or trust controlled by a person who meets the net asset or gross income requirement.
  • You are a related body corporate of a company which is a wholesale client.
  • You are a professional investor (as this term is defined in the Corporations Act).‍
  • You are a sophisticated investor under section 761GA of the Corporations Act as a licensee provides a written statement in accordance with requirements of that section that you are not required to be treated as a retail client for an investment in the Fund.
  • You otherwise satisfy to us that you are not a ‘retail client’ for the purposes of Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act.

Download our Investor Guide

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