Private Lending Services

Private lending tailored to your unique needs

Access funding not available via Banks, Credit Unions or Building Societies. We move quickly so that you can act fast.

We offer a wide range of finance and private lending solutions in Australia.

We have cemented our position as a leading lender in Australia's non-bank lending sector since our establishment in 2006.

Our mortgage investment services and private lending services provide borrowing clients with a range of flexible loan options that are not readily available through traditional lending channels, all secured by Australian real estate

CCG's Private lending services

Benefits of borrowing with CCG?

We offer our borrowing clients a wide range of financing and private lending services that are tailored to your unique scenario.

Experienced Non-Bank lender

Access funding not available via Banks, Credit Unions & Building Societies.

Fast approval & settlement times

We provide quick answers and prompt settlements so you can act fast.

Funding specific to
your project

Development loans, house and land packages, commercial, child care etc.

Transparency & 
no hidden fees

You are made aware of all applicable fees for the entirety of your loan.

Fixed rate,
interest only

Lock in your rate and know exactly what you are paying at all times.

Flexible lending solutions

From the amount, location, term, LVR, no two loans are the same.

Flexible, short-term, loans that are personalised for our borrowers needs

We provide finance for the following loan offerings that are always secured against Australian real estate security:

- Residential property loans
- Commercial development loans
- Industrial property loans
- Commercial property loans
- Vacant land loans, with or without development approval
- Land banking loans
- Construction loans
- Residual Stock loans
- Short-term business loans
- Short-term bridging finance loans
- Urgent loans settled within 48 hours
- SMSF loans
- Mazzanine finance loans
- Second mortgage loans
- Non valuation loans
- Non-resident home loans

short term loans for borrowers
borrowing loans non bank lender

CCG can help you secure the best loan for your scenario

We offer property loans generally with terms from three months to three years, and in amounts from $50k to $50M secured against Australian real estate.

We offer loans which are specifically tailored to suit you and/or your clients’ needs, whether for investment, business or development/construction purposes. Don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to discuss a loan scenario with us.

Got a loan scenario to review?

If you have a scenario you would like us to review, get in contact and speak to one of our Business Development Managers who can assist.

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