Second Mortgage

Leverage your equity with a second mortgage loan

Turn your property's equity into new opportunities.

non-bank lender​

Access funding not available
via traditional banks.

No hidden

No line fees or additional costs,
just a fixed rate, interest only.

flexible funding

A personalised rate and no
two loans are the same.

What is a second mortgage loan?

A second mortgage loan is essentially a secondary loan secured against the value of your home, which does not interfere with your existing mortgage. Homeowners opt for this type of financing when they need to access the equity built up in their property without refinancing their primary mortgage. This kind of loan can provide a significant source of funds for large expenditures like major home improvements, college tuition, or debt consolidation.

The mechanics of a second mortgage involve borrowing a fixed sum at a fixed interest rate, secured by the borrower's home’s equity. The loan then gets repaid over a set term, separate from the first mortgage.  

With CCG, your second mortgage loan will be secured by an Australian property.

How does a second mortgage work with CCG?

Non-bank lenders, such as CCG, specialise in flexible, fast financing solutions, secured by Australian real estate. 

We offer faster processing times, flexible credit requirements, and more personalized service compared to traditional banks, credit unions or building socieites. This is essential for businesses that may not meet the strict lending criteria of traditional banks or those who need rapid access to funds to capitalise on timely opportunities. The level of customisation and speed provided by non-bank lenders can significantly benefit businesses aiming to expand, invest in new equipment, or manage cash flow effectively.

To learn more about our commercial loan options, speak to our loan specialists who can help you with your scenario. 

Benefits of a second mortgage loan?

We offer our borrowing clients a wide range of financing and private lending services that are tailored to your unique scenario.

Helps in managing cash flow to cover expenses

Risk distribution

spreads financial risk

Leverage equity
without selling

Can be cheaper
than other options

Flexibility in
use of the loan

can spread risks

Got a second mortgage loan scenario?

Speak with our friendly advisers who can assist you with your second mortgage loan needs.

Frequently asked questions

We have compiled an FAQ to assist with any questions you may have when it comes to second mortgage loans.

When applying for a second mortgage loan with a non-bank lender like Credit Connect Group, you'll need to provide proof of homeownership and the current value of your property, usually through a recent property appraisal. We will also need to assess your financial stability in regard to your ability to repay the loan. Overall, our purpose is to assist you to reach your goals and not create unecessary roadblocks. To find out more about our loans, please get in contact with us on 1300 795 507 or email [email protected]and our team will help assess your needs.

Why should I consider a second mortgage loan with CCG

Non-bank lenders are typically more flexible and offer faster processing times, which is crucial when funds are needed quickly. We are also often more willing to work with borrowers who have unique financial situations or less than perfect credit histories to help you achieve your goals. Furthermore, we can provide more personalized customer service, understanding your unique financial needs and tailor our loan products to better fit your financial needs. This level of customization and responsiveness makes non-bank lenders, such as CCG, an attractive option for securing a second mortgage loan.  To find out more about our loans, please get in contact with us on 1300 795 507 or email [email protected]and our team will help assess your needs.

If you are interested in applying for a second mortgage loan you can speak to one of our friendly Business Development Managers by calling us on 1300 795 507, or email us at[email protected]. We are always available to discuss your unique scenario and have a dedicated team of specialists who can tailor a solution to your needs.

Want to discuss a loan scenario?

We work to understand your needs and tailor a flexible solution that works for you.