September 14, 2022

It’s easy to see why property investment is a tried and tested way of building wealth in Australia.

Firstly, history tells us that Australian property prices go up in the long term, despite the occasional fall. So there are great, inflation-busting returns on offer, as well as a passive income stream if the property is tenanted.

Then there’s the fact you get to diversify your portfolio away from the volatile stock market in an asset class that’s commonly viewed as being as ‘safe as houses’, because people will always need a place to live.

So imagine if there was a way you could get all those benefits, but without the time, stress and hassle that typically comes with owning investment property yourself.

There is – by being the bank.

How to be the bank with Credit Connect Group

Traditionally, when someone needed money to fund a real estate investment their only option was a mainstream bank. But getting a loan from a bank often feels like getting blood from a stone, with lots of hoops to jump through and no guarantee you’ll get approved.

That’s because mainstream banks are typically risk-averse, so many borrowers just don’t fit their tick-box criteria – even if they are otherwise completely creditworthy.

Fortunately, alternative financing solutions now exist, such as those offered by Credit Connect Group.

Credit Connect Group helps borrowers secure finance from private investors. These private loans are interest-only, have a maximum loan term of three years and are secured by a registered first mortgage against Australian real estate.

To reduce risk further, borrowers need to have large deposits (typically at least 35%) and can only buy quality properties in capital cities with good resale value.

You could be one of the private investors financing these borrowers.

Earn 5-9% per annum with full control over where your money goes

In exchange for being the bank, you can earn 5-9% per annum when you invest through Credit Connect Group. What’s more, we’ll manage the entire loan on your behalf. So all you have to do is sit back and wait for the monthly interest payments to land in your bank account.

And just like a bank, you have full control over where your money goes, thanks to our simple, transparent investor portal. This gives you access to investment opportunities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where you can:

● Choose from a variety of property loan investment opportunities that pay you interest rates of 5-9%
● Select the individual loan type, loan amount, return, term, location and LVR that matches your investment goals and risk profile

Want to be the bank and earn 5-9% per annum? Contact Credit Connect Group by calling 1300 795 507, emailing info@ccg.com.au or filling in this online form to find out more about our investment opportunities.