Non-Bank Lending: A $74B Industry On The Rise

April 15, 2024 by
Credit Connect Group, CCG

Recently the Australian Financial Review (AFR) posted an article about non-bank lending in Australia, titled Non-bank lending worth $74b, could double in five years.

‍Non-bank lending, an alternative to financing via traditional banking institutions, has gained significant traction due to its agility, innovation, and accessibility to borrowers. As the AFR report highlights, the industry's current worth of $74 billion is a testament to its resilience and growing popularity among individuals and businesses alike.

One of the key drivers behind this surge in non-bank lending within Australia is the flexibility that non-bank lenders, such as Credit Connect Group, provides to borrowers who face challenges securing financing through traditional means. The ability to tailor lending solutions to individual needs, coupled with streamlined processes, has positioned non-bank lenders as valuable partners in the financial journey.

Moreover, the AFR report suggests that the industry's potential to double in the next five years reflects a growing confidence in the sector's stability and reliability. As regulatory frameworks adapt to accommodate the changing financial landscape, non-bank lenders are well-positioned to offer diverse and competitive lending solutions.

Investors keen on diversifying their portfolios should take note of this trend, recognizing the opportunities presented by the non-bank lending sector. With the potential for substantial growth, investing in this dynamic industry could very well yield favourable returns while contributing to a more diversified and resilient investment strategy.

As we navigate these evolving financial times, it becomes evident that non-bank lending is not just a passing trend but a formidable force in the financial market. For those considering their investment options or seeking alternative lending solutions, exploring the potential of the non-bank lending sector could be a strategic move toward financial success and flexibility in the years to come. Stay informed, stay agile, and consider the burgeoning opportunities presented by the $74 billion non-bank lending industry.

To find out more about how CCG can help you achieve your non-bank lending goals, get in contact with us or call on 1300 795 507, and we can help with your scenario.

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