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Carroll Consulting’s human resources and recruitment services are based on an intensive process developed over more than 25 years – one that is uniquely focused on the right culture fit.

We help you build a clear profile of the competencies you need to achieve your strategic objectives. We explore and challenge existing mindsets to get to the heart of your team’s core purpose and the behaviours and values that will underpin success – tailored to your culture.

Partnering with you – from role definition to onboarding to wider consulting – we deliver an approach that removes risk, creates certainty and supports organisational success through a long-term, high-performing team.


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  • Carroll undertook one of the most thorough client briefing exercises I had ever experienced. This was very valuable as it caused us to think about and test previous assumptions. This lead to a documented brief, produced by Carroll giving us a road map for the recruitment assignment.

    Alan Muntz Human Resource Manager Australia

  • I found the experience to be very positive and thorough compared to the typical recruitment process.  Ian’s initial assessment of the Owners’ and business’ needs was extremely detailed which only provided more confidence with the selection process and with the engagement of the successful candidate.

    Kerri Anthon Director

  • I was very impressed by the whole process and the result. Carroll Consulting provided very relevant candidates and…their detailed briefing forced me to think about the role in far more detail than I had previously – which was a positive.

    Peter Voorhoeve President & Managing Director

  • Over the years, Carroll Consulting has taken a strong interest in our business and each role undertaken. There is a high level of trust and disclosure…[and the] investigative process around each role is intensive and demanding, well documented and transparent.

    Nick Gardner Managing Director

  • “I highly recommend Ian and Carroll Consulting to anyone looking for a recruitment result that goes beyond the obvious to match people, behaviours, expectations and culture.”

    Mitchell Giles CEO

  • …we found Carroll Consulting’s approach both refreshing and insightful. They asked questions that probed the qualities of our culture and caused us to clearly articulated the behaviours we needed from the role we were hiring for…Today we are reaping the benefits of the process and the result.

    Tony Munns ex CEO

  • Ian and those at Carroll Consulting…have taken the time to continually update themselves on our challenges and opportunities and this does come in handy when looking to uncover and engage people for our organisation. They are flexible and continually focused on our best interests.

    Joanne Jessop CEO

  • …Their approach was refreshingly honest. That person is now an integral part of our company’s future. I also cherish the unbiased counsel of Carroll Consulting on a number of matters around the business, the future initiatives and the way I engage and develop my people.

    Rex Vegt Managing Director

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